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RE System

Pandrol Re System

The Pandrol Re System delivers an assembly with faster installation times and a reduced number of components when compared to a traditional e-Clip equivalent. The Pandrol Re System adopts two-part insulator technology and integrated insulator/pad manufacture to provide extended life of components and efficiency gains. This can lead to more productive engineering possessions for track refurbishment, such as re-railing, when clips, pads and insulators are normally replaced.


Rosenqvist Sleeper Replacer SB60

The SB60 Sleeper Replacer is designed to provide safe and efficient replacement of sleepers. It has tilt and rotate functions that allow sleepers to be changed from both the middle and side of the track. It is also designed for effective movement and recessing of the track ballast. The high performance SB60 Sleeper Replacer holds a key function in a versatile, high output, cost effective and safe working method.



The PANDROL VIPA DRS is typically suited for installation on non-ballasted tracks and areas where a reduction in ground borne noise and vibration is required. The system suits either top down or bottom up construction techniques. All resilient parts and wear components are fully replaceable in-situ. The system has two independent levels of electrical insulation and uses Pandrol threadless fastening technology, providing low maintenance throughout the life of the system. There is no need to grease or re-tighten the fastening elements as the rail fastening elements are non-threaded to provide low maintenance.

Vortok Verse

Vortok Verse

With a quick and easy process, 20-30 minutes per measurement depending on rail fastening, and an instant result, with output immediately displayed on hand held computer, the Vortok Verse is the most efficient method of checking rail is at the correct stress free temperature. Providing a leap forward for reducing the risk of buckling and fracturing, achieving new track quality acceptance and planning cost-effective re-stressing programmes.

A world of knowledge

Hong Kong Airport Express, China

The Airport Express is one of the lines of the Hong Kong MTR system. It links the principal urban areas with the Hong Kong International Airport and the AsiaWorld–Expo exhibition and convention centre. The track work comprises a complex variety of trackforms constructed with Pandrol’s e-clip fastening. The turnouts were designed with an adaption of the VIPA DRS. The Depot ballasted track is constructed with Pandrol PR fastenings.

Hong Kong Airport Express Vipa DRS

One of the most dramatic features of the railway are the Tsing Ma Bridge, which carries two tracks in an all steel box with a six lane highway on the surface, and the Ma Wang viaduct. The Tsing Ma Bridge spans a 2km gap with a shipping navigation clearance of 62 metres. Pandrol worked with VAE to develop the Rail Movement Joint for the bridge using a Pandrol zero long restraint system to optimise reliability and ease of maintenance.

Klang Valley MRT

In Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley MRT system forms the first part of the capital’s new integrated transport system. Line 1 begins from Sungai Buloh, located to the north-west of Kuala Lumpur, and runs through the city centre of Malaysia’s capital city before ending in Kajang, a fast developing town to the south-east of the city. The three new lines of KVMRT comprise more than 140 km of track, serving a corridor with an estimated population of 1.2 million people.

Klang Valley

Working in close partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to understand the railway requirements, Pandrol proposed their VIPA DRS fastening system for the mainline areas, while recommending the VANGUARD system for the high attenuation areas. A version of the Vanguard system was designed which will retrofit onto the VIPA DRS baseplate while maintaining the same rail position and inclination. This means that in the future, if areas on the metro route become developed and the track needs to be upgraded to provide more protection, this can be done speedily, easily and economically.